Friday, August 10, 2012

Paper Pad Storage


Boy am I on a roll today!  I had a couple of minutes to snap a few pictures of how I store my peper pads.  I have a whack of 6x6 pads, and 12x12 pads, and I’ve used a couple of different ways to store them however this is the one that I like best. 

My 6x6 pads are stored in small cd boxes from Ikea:

paper pads 1

Here is a close up of my box of Basic Grey pads:

paper pads 2

As you can see here, I have the pad in behind a little baggy that contains scraps from that pad.  I’ve labelled the baggy with the company name and pad name to keep track.  The baggies are from the dollar store – they are only 4 inches wide, but that’s alright, anything bigger, I just tuck in behind the baggy, in front of the pad.

paper pads 3

This pictures shows the pad of paper and the baggy of scraps.  You can also see that on the pad itself, I’ve written the copic numbers that coordinate with that pad.  This way, I can easily grab the pad I want, the markers I need to coordinate, and get colouring the image.  It saves me a lot of time going through and selecting markers to match.  Anytime I buy a new pad, I hold it up to my copic colour chart that I’ve coloured in with all the markers I have, then put it in one of the boxes for storage.  I cannot take credit for this idea.  I found it on a blog somewhere and I apologize that I cannot credit the person who gave me the idea, I just have no idea where I got it!

Finally, here is how I store my 12x12 pads.

paper pads 4

So here I’ve used an Omni file box that I picked up at Canadian Tire to store the pads.  In front of the pad of paper, is a plastic page protector that holds the scraps for that pad.  I’ve labelled the page protector with the company name and pad name.  Unlike how I’ve done with the 6x6 pads, I haven’t matched these pads with copic colours.  I might do it in the future, but for right now, I don’t find that I use a lot of these papers with my stamped images.


Well, there you have it.  A peek into my patterned paper storage!  Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. I store my 6x6 Paper Pads the exact same way as you! :) I have a little plastic bag adhered to the back of the paper pad where I can store little scraps of paper :).